Foerschler S.L.

About us

We are a small company with a big history. Since its foundation in 1921 in Madrid, Spain by Pablo Foerschler Entenmann, born in Birkenfeld in the Northern part of the Black Forest in Germany, we have been representants, agents and suppliers of industrial equipment from different manufacturers (always German companies), mainly from the construction, cement and industrial ceramic sectors. Our company is led by ceramic engineers and chemists. In recent years we have changed our focus, taking in environmental aspects in our daily work.

So nowadays we offer equipment and plants for the on-site-depuration of domestic and similar wastewater for cottages and small settlements, allowing to pour the effluent into the surroundings without causing damage to the environment. Furthermore, by treating the effluent with a sanitation equipment we can also recycle the used water for garden and orchard watering or other secondary uses, preserving this valuable resource.

For the ceramic industry we offer environmentally friendly ceramic colours for roof tiles and facing bricks. We also offer dies and pressure heads for the extrusion of masonry bricks and ceiling blocks.