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Waste water treatment

We offer wastewater treatment plants on the spot in case you cannot evacuate your sewage to a municipal sewage system. This could be the case if either the connection costs are too high or if you already have a septic tank or some other kind of treatment for your sewage and would like to improve it or find an alternative solution.

By the way, in Spain the installation of septic tanks isn’t allowed anymore and existing tanks must be transformed because they can’t purify the wastewater sufficiently, they mainly separate solid parts from the liquid. The better part of septic tanks allows dirty water to seep into the soil. There it can contaminate the water in the phreatic layer, thus putting at risk the drinking water wells in the surroundings.


The AQUAmax from ATB Umwelttechnologien GmbH is based on the SBR technology (sequential batch reactor) which basically carries out every step of the depuration treatment taking place in municipal wastewater treatment plants. The only difference is that the AQUAmax uses one tank alone to fulfil all phases of the process in a temporal sequence. This saves so much space that it can be installed on your property. A preliminary tank is necessary to separate the solids. The wastewater is treated biologically in the reactor, where it is aerated which allows the microorganisms to degrade the organic load using oxygen. The purified water can be evacuated without causing problems to the environment, letting it flow to a stream or seep into a suitable ground, with the permission of the respective authorities. The essential microorganisms are retained in the reactor. The remaining sludge of the preliminary tank must be extracted approximately once a year and can then be brought to a nearby central wastewater treatment plant or it is transformed into manure.


A flexible and economical solution

The AQUAmax is an intelligent solution which can be improved in its purifying capacity due to its modular design. The so–called PLUS package enables a considerable reduction of the nitrogen load. In case of requirement by the authorities, the AQUAmax P module can furthermore reduce the phosphate load significantly. The control unit can be boosted anytime by software updates.

Currently we are developing an additional module adapted to our climatic conditions in order to disinfect purified water making it possible to reuse it afterwards to irrigate your orchard or garden with sprinklers. Thus this valuable resource is given a second use and the consumption of useful drinking water is economized.

The AQUAmax can treat the wastewater from a household with four persons onwards. Up to 53 inhabitants it may be used in a modified form, using tanks with a higher capacity. That is why we don’t offer the tanks from the beginning; instead we study each case separately and, in terms of size, suggest a solution according to your individual needs. We work together with local tank manufacturers and fitters in order to adapt to your requirements and financial means. Depending on the circumstances, it may be possible to recondition some existing tank adapting it for an AQUAmax installation.

Sewage that is similar in composition to household wastewater can also be purified using our products without causing environmental impact, as long as it does not contain any substances that may affect the proper work of our little helpers, the microbes. Many existing AQUAmax installations purify the sewage of gastronomic establishments and industries, rural tourism, campsites and mountain shelters. You can also find AQUAmax systems in slaughterhouses, bakeries, canning industries, coffee plantations, etc. .


Since 1999, the year the German company ATB Umwelttechnologien GmbH was founded by Mr. Dagobert Baumann and his son Markus Baumann, more than 30,000 units of the AQUAmax have been sold and installed. During these seven years, ATB’s products have been delivered all over Europe and to overseas countries such as Canada, Mexico, Vietnam and China. The AQUAmax has also won several environmental awards and ATB has become the market leader in Germany.

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